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Tremblay Wood Art

first annual trail sale

"...make a note to stop at Tremblay Wood Art's first public 'Trail Sale' for a one day only event. Osprey carpenter Ryan Tremblay has handcrafted custom projects for local businesses such as the drafting table for Nautilus Homes, the donor wall for the VAEC at Ringling College of Art and Design and tables for the Ridley's Porch at the Ritz Lido Key Beach Club."


Hurricane Wood: Culture Coast Episode

"Woodworking is definitely an art. God gave us the wood, I just build stuff out of it. ... I picked up seven rosewood trees after Hurricane Irma and rosewood, as of a few years ago, was like second or third from the most restricted wood in the entire world. People are dying over it."

SRQ's Holiday Gift Guide

Hurricane recovered rosewood, mahogany, and sea grape make for beautiful charcuterie board holiday gifts


Wood Artist Creates a Sense of Permanence

"When Ryan Tremblay bought his south Sarasota home in 2006, the first item on his to-do list as a new homeowner - after some renovations - was to furnish it with couches, chairs, and tables best aligned with his taste.

There was just one problem. 

'I went everywhere', he says. 'I looked at just about every furniture store in the county, and I couldn't find a single piece of furniture I wanted to buy....'" 

As Seen on Animal Planet

The homeowners wanted a special pool toy for their new backyard oasis. Ryan delivered with a custom dugout canoe of reclaimed local live oak in his special guest appearance on Animal Planet's Insane Pools, season 4 episode 2. 

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