Tremblay Wood Art
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Osprey, Florida

"Art is always at its greatest before it reaches peferction.  It is in that period when it struggles to assert itself that lies its power.  Great art is always vibrant with spirit --- vibrant with the joy of a vital idea."

Ralph Twitchell

My design begins with two words…tabula rasa. That is Latin for “clean slate”. The chalkboard has been erased and the smears wiped clean. Like a young child sees the world, without prejudice or stereotype. That is how I approach every design. If it’s been done before, I’d rather not make it.


Function and durability are a basis and requirement. Followed by underrated simplicity. If I explained this it would be paradoxical. Proportion is king. It can shine like the sun and be made from ancient ebony, but if visual weight is awry, all the more disgrace. Even asymmetrical art demands balance. 


If there is still chalk on the slate, it likely spells these words.





There is a thin line between passion and obsession.  I'm well past obsession.  What I make has more than just wood in it.  It has my fingerprints, my dreams, and my heart.  These are features that cannot be seen or perhaps even felt.  However, the result shows them without understanding.  This untraceable mystique, concealed within the wood, is passion.


"Those who control their passions do so because their passions are weak enough to be controlled."

William Blake